The Conservatives Live to Fight Another Day…

Was this really ever in question?


Come on!


From the initial proroguing and the subsequent stepping down of one of the major players involved in the attempt to push forward an alternative, did anyone really believe that Harper was going to lose the opportunity for another kick at the can?


The majority of Canadians appear to be clueless about the validity of a Coalition Government in the first place and from a strategic point of view, Ignatieff couldn’t possibly want the economic quagmire (that is as sizable as it is because of the bumblings of the Conservatives) to rest solely on his shoulders.


True to form (did everyone get the same script?) the NDP and Bloc trashed it and the Liberals for not dismissing the budget outright and sulkingly proclaim it business as usual. What had they to lose?


Do they really think this kind of posturing will sway the Canadian people?


My apologies, I temporarily lost myself in that mythical land where reason, common sense and independent thought have a place at the table.


I have a dream…




Posture. Denounce. Posture. Denounce. Bluster, bluster, bluster.


Did I miss anything?


Realistically, neither the NDP nor the Bloc has a snowball’s chance in Hell of becoming the party in power. They can pretty much say anything and their core supporters will back them out of the belief that they don’t have any other options. That is a pretty nice place to be.


The Liberals, on the other hand, have everything to lose. They have been losing the support of more left leaning Liberals to the NDP and the Green Party and more conservative Liberals to the Conservatives. Double ouch. Being broke doesn’t help either.


I avoided much of the grandstanding yesterday- I had a much more important wings and beer night out with friends. We were doing our bit to boost the economy- it counts.


Was there really that much that hadn’t already been revealed in the days leading up to the big unveiling?


Oh yeah, a projected $85 billion deficit over the next five years. Going from the leaked projection of 64 billion over two years to the “revised” figure just doesn’t sound quite as bad when you have had a chance to digest it for a couple days does it? It’s all relative, isn’t it?


What happened to our razor thin surplus?


I think the deficit will end up being smaller (unless the recession lasts a lot longer than projected). Under promise, over deliver- its  in the playbook.


How many of the projected expenditures will actually happen?

How much of what the Conservatives put in the budget made them cringe?


You do what you have to do. They would rather winge a little than lose their tenuous hold on power but how the money is metted out will be interesting to behold.


I’ll have to read through the points of the budget before I make up my own mind but my (obvious) bias stems from my mistrust of Harper and the Reform Conservative Party. My initial impression is that this is a budget to dole out something to everyone and their dog but will it actually make a difference? Were the best interests of Canada and Canadians the primary concern? What do you think?


Well, for better or worse,  it looks like we are stuck with this megalomaniac Harper at the helm.


How long will it take before that smirk is unleashed on us again?


Any takers for tomorrow?




~ by angryegg on January 29, 2009.

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