Gong Hay Fat Choy!

May the New Year bring health, wealth, prosperity and good fortune to all!


The New Year is the biggest holiday for the Chinese. I had my big New Year dinner this past Saturday- too many dishes to count. None of the dishes were finished- which is the way it is supposed to be. (Plenty is the word of the day and hopefully a sign of the year to come.)


My parents are Buddhist and I guess I am Buddhist by association. We never went to temple (no temples in small town Ontario) and though we eat a lot of vegetables, we are not vegetarians. I don’t burn incense for my forebearers (unless I am with my parents) so guess I could be considered a Secular Buddhist- if there were such a thing!


Am I going to get in trouble for that one?


Buddhism is about the only religion I could possibly see myself attached to in any way. As far as religions go, it is one of the more benign.


There were no religious aspects associated with our dinner (no incense) but a few superstitions, yes. (To-may-to, to-ma-to.)


You are not Chinese without superstition.


I did not wash my hair on the day we had our dinner and I did not wash my hair today- something about washing away your new found luck for the year. Traditionalists will not wash their hair for days- which would be fine if I wished to harvest the sebum to lubricate machinery or something.


Today is supposed to be a vegetarian day and no fires are to be lit for cooking- does ordering in count? I have a rice noodle salad for lunch today so I will be good at least until supper.


I was sent a greeting that included the request for the little red pouches of money- which is really only cute until about age three, maybe four. Our parents gave us the little red envelopes for Chinese New Year when we went home for Christmas- since it was unlikely that we would be going home again before Family Day next month.


Maybe I’ll do my bit for the economy and go spend it.


Coincidentally, Parliament is un-prorogued today. Very interesting…


Will the New Year bring health, wealth, prosperity and good fortune for Canada? Tomorrow’s budget, what hasn’t already been “leaked” through various press conferences by puppets cabinet ministers over the last few days, that is, may be an indication of what is to come.


But that is fodder for another rant.


I will try to ignore the political grandstanding for the next few hours and hope that the New Year will bring to Canada and Canadians uninteresting times.


I can dream, can’t I?


~ by angryegg on January 26, 2009.

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