Mrs. O Frock Watch, Part 2

I wasn’t going to do a follow-up but all the gushing from the media has made me a little nauseous. 

It’s not that I hated the dress by Jason Wu- I just didn’t love it.

Some of Wu’s work is actually quite cute but I thought the inaugural dress looked like a wedding gown. The detail on the dress itself was quite nice but the top was a little clumsy. It looked like something one could have worked up with a roll of toilet paper at a wedding shower- you know the game where you create a “dream” wedding dress with the humblest of the humble.

Knowing that you would have to dance in front of an assembly of people at 10 different balls and an assortment of  parties, wouldn’t it have been prudent to tailor the gown to just skim the floor and do away with the mini-train? Just a thought.

The outfit at the service the next morning was a bigger miss. The dress would have been cool on a twenty-something hipster but it just made her look like a grandma- which is not a bad thing if you ARE a grandma. Accessories could have saved the dress but something other than that table cloth would have made the whole task easier.

Much has been made of her penchant to mix high and low- as if it has never been done before. For the record, did not love the olive green gloves with the yellow ensemble.

She will be closely scrutinized for the next four years. Mrs. O will get a pass for the next little while since the euphoria hasn’t worn off yet (and people are desperate for another Camelot to idealize) but given that she is so tall, she can do much better.


~ by angryegg on January 25, 2009.

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