Mrs. O Frock Watch

The eyes of the world will be on this historic occasion.


Other than the inaugural address, the most talked about thing today will be what Michelle Obama wears.


Sad but true.


There has been quite a bit of media coverage on what has been worn over the last few inaugurations, the good, the bad and the downright fugly.


Much was made of the styles of the potential first wives in the run-up to the election. Full page stories in the Arts/Life section doing side by side comparisons were kind of funny but also a little inappropriate. What woman would want their dress size announced to the world? Especially since Cindy McCain is apparently a size 0. (Yikes- what does that even mean?)


When Hilary Clinton was in the running for the Democratic nomination, easily half the coverage was about her many pant suits and I recall seeing an article regarding the evolution of her hair style from the her days as the Governor’s wife to the present. Of all the things she has done, I am sure her hair and choice of eyewear was pivotal in getting her to where she is today.


Is this all a little condescending? Yes.


Is this a little embarrassing? Yes.


Would we do this to a First Husband? No.


But somehow it is okay to make these comparisons with the First Ladies (and their daughters).


Clothes are important (hello Sarah Palin)  but it doesn’t matter that she is incredibly accomplished in her own right- all people want to do is compare her style to that of the incomparable Jackie O. I am not sure about that but people are quick (and almost desperate) to make comparisons to Camelot and everything associated with that time.


Well, it helps that she is statuesque and well spoken. She hasn’t made many missteps so far and it is likely she will wear and American designer.


A political and fashion watcher friend of mine just forwarded a photo of her ensemble and for the record, good choice of colour, very stylish, she is going to freeze her butt off (but fashion is pain) but I am sure there will be approvals all around.


Can’t wait until the ball tonight…


~ by angryegg on January 20, 2009.

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