Toronto = Winnipeg Lite

Toronto is currently under an extreme weather alert. Special measures are taken and warnings are given- just in case we don’t notice the birds falling out of the sky. (Kidding.)


We are currently sitting at -21…with the wind chill, it feels EXTRA brisk. People would be crying in their Mukluks- except that tears would freeze moments after they leave the tear ducts.


But seriously, this is short weather in Winnipeg!


Okay, maybe not shorts but it would be fairly typical for this time of the year. They are currently sitting at -36 according to Environment Canada. I can just feel my pipes freezing on me…


I mean, people make fun of Toronto enough- do we really need to be ridiculed because the mercury dips a little lower than usual? Are we not Canadians??? We need to buck up!


Most people seem to be taking it in stride but there were drama queens interviewed on t.v. this morning- bitching and moaning and not wearing hats. Brilliant. Where do reporters find these people???


I wore my “bear” coat in this morning (softer than soft brown suede, faux fur lining, Holt Renfrew brand made in Italy, scooped up at the Goodwill By-the-Pound, WAY too big but super warm and perfect if extra layers are required), mitts, hat, scarf- the works minus the snow boots. (I reserve my Sorels for extreme cold + snow – running shoes were good enough today.) I only had about 2 ½ inches of skin exposed but the scarf over my mouth forced hot air into my eyes and my stubby sparse Asian eyelashes were sticking together with each blink. How do people with “real” eyelashes cope?


The walk in really wasn’t that bad except summer weight trousers probably weren’t the wisest choice. An extra layer should fix that issue tomorrow. I could have gone the underground route to minimize exposure but the extra 10 minutes of sleep I get is worth more to me than warmth. Besides, everyone and their dog probably went underground so -21, in my estimation, was the lesser of two evils.


Thankfully it wasn’t overly blustery- especially around the wind tunnel that is Bay Street- but the weather can change on a dime and gusty coldness might be enough to make me join the ranks of the mole people.


Without thinking, I committed to dropping by a little soirée tonight. It is close and should be fun. I should suck it up because it is literally five minutes away.


We will see what the walk (in the dark) after work brings- I hope I don’t lose my I-am-Canadian bravado…


~ by angryegg on January 14, 2009.

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