I Got Sucked into the Golden Globes


(Head hanging in shame.)


I even (half) watched the very lame red carpet pre-show. Could the questions have been MORE lame?? A monkey could have done it with more finesse!


Much of the time, the winners are a foregone conclusion by the time the ceremony rolls around so I am almost (almost) more interested in what everyone will be wearing. Let’s face it, most of us are.


But this year, the GG’s had some surprises for us.


I was thrilled when Kate Winslet won for best supporting (The Reader) and surprised when she won for best actress (Revolutionary Road). Apparently this is only the third time this has happened in GG history. I think everyone was expecting Anne Hathaway to walk away with the best actress nod- especially since the GG website appeared to pronounce her the winner a few days prior. Ooops.


I wonder if there was a last minute switcheroo to cover the snafu. Hmmm…


Mickey Rourke’s win for The Wrestler was shocking (almost as shocking as his face) and cool. The prevailing notion was that Sean Penn would walk away with this (for Milk) but I guess the Hollywood Foreign Press loves an underdog. As amazing as his performance may have been, I think he is unlikely to repeat at the Oscars. The Oscars is essentially a popularity contest among one’s peers (very high school)- and the man has pissed off a lot of people in the industry.


Heath Ledger’s win for his supporting role in The Dark Knight was one of the most poignant. Director Chris Nolan accepted the award and I got emotional. Yes, I’m a dork. I am glad I had been relegated to the bedroom where no one would see me get weepy. It is sad that this was the last film he completed- so much promise, gone.


The other sobering (but faintly hopeful) moment came with presentation of best foreign language film to Waltz with Bashir. The allusion to what is currently happening in the Middle East was subtle. The award was accepted with the hope that the eight children born during the film to various cast and crew would one day watch the movie together and view it only in the context of a videogame, not real life. Sigh.


In his acceptance speech for best original song, Bruce Springsteen reveled in the fact that this will probably be the only time he and Clint Eastwood will be nominated in the same category. When they cut away to Clint’s reaction, he was suitably stoic.


Tom Wilkinson and Drew Barrymore both seemed to be in a champagne induced state of giddiness and Sasha Baron Cohen took some jabs at the industry in the context of the current world economy that were funny but the crowd didn’t know whether to laugh or be hostile so they did a bit of both. Tina Fey hilariously accepted the best actress GG for a comedy (t.v.) by telling people who have apparently slammed her on the internet to “Suck It!” For a split second I thought she was going to tell Sarah Palin to “Suck It.” I would have been on the floor.


Most of the young “stars” presenting seemed awkward (The Jonas Brothers? Zac Efron? Really??) but I can understand the attempt to draw in younger viewers. Thankfully there were no overblown song and dance numbers to weigh down the proceedings. They actually ended on time- though they had to cut off the winner of the best picture category, Slumdog Millionaire– this year’s Little Miss Sunshine.


A lot of people were getting out of their seats to mingle as they cut away for commercials- I wonder if there is an announcement to hustle them into their seats before they go back to air. There were no major fashion disasters (I’ll watch the fluffy entertainment shows for a low down) and no overtly disgruntled “loser” reactions were caught on camera. Too bad- these can be pretty funny.


All in all this was satisfyingly light with a sprinkle of the unexpected.


I can’t wait until the Oscars.


~ by angryegg on January 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “I Got Sucked into the Golden Globes”

  1. Mickey Rourke’s comeback story reminds me a lot of Robert Downey Jr. for some reason

  2. Very astute observation.

    Both had huge careers in the 80’s but bad behaviour and bad choices made them both persona non grata for many years. RDJ was more self-destructive while MR abused substances as well as the people around him. MR made a lot of enemies by being an @ss but people always seemed to love RDJ and pull for him. It got to the point where neither actor was insurable anymore. No insurance, no work.

    But people gave them each a second chance- I hope they don’t screw it up.

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