Pimping Obama’s Ride

I freely admit that even though I am not mechanically inclined and don’t have a thing for motorbikes or cars,  I have been known to tune into the Teutuls and the gang at OCC or Mad Mike and the ever sassy Xzibit so I was fascinated when a friend forwarded an article about the car being built for Obama.

I did not realize a new presidential limousine would be designed and pressed into service January 20. 

I have never really paid that much attention to the preparations for a Presidential anointment. I was so disgusted by the results of the previous two elections, I completely tuned out.

This souped up Cadillac Deville has more in common with a tank than a luxury car. While specific details of the enhancements cannot be revealed to the public (other than the integration “of a 10-disc CD changer, a foldaway desk top and reclining rear seats with massaging, adaptive cushions”),  it goes without saying that Cadillac One will heavily fortified and furtively armed.

The windows are transparent armor (why does that make me think of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home where Scotty gives up the formula for transparent aluminum to build the tanks to transport the humpback whales?) and the interior will be hermetically sealed in case of chemical attack…a bunker on wheels! I even heard that blood products compatible with Obama’s type will be carried in the event an emergency transfusion is required.



Obama’s safety is of paramount importance. Marvel is even releasing a special issue of their Spiderman comic with Obama’s Inauguration as the backdrop…As funny (and somewhat ridiculous) as I think this is, I may have to buy this issue.

When the motorcade slowly makes its way down Pennsylvania Avenue (it is very likely that I will get sucked into watching the pomp and circumstance) I know I will be wondering what the boys at Pimp My Ride would have been able to put together…


~ by angryegg on January 10, 2009.

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