Palin vs Fey

She could have graciously bowed out of the spotlight when her overgenerous 15 minutes were up but no, we are not so lucky.

Soundbites from an interview with Palin were released today.

We are talking Smackdown!

Palin vs Couric

Palin vs McCain

Palin vs Fey

Have I missed anyone?

Apparently this interview was conducted by conservative filmmaker, John Ziegler, for a film he is producing.

Is it a comedy?

Actually, the fact that Ziegler seems to be admirer is no joke.

The fact that Palin was (is??!??) being touted as the future of the Republican Party shortly after the Obama-Biden victory is no joke.


Be afraid.

I was one among many women who were offended by the attempt to curry the favour of the female vote following Obama’s ascension to the top of the Democratic heap. Yes, I shouted at the t.v. when Palin, upon the presentation of her role as #2, invited woman who wanted Clinton in the White House to cast their vote her way to shatter the glass ceiling that votes for Clinton had helped to crack.

One woman, by virtue of her sex, is not interchangeable with another. Palin and Clinton could not be more different- as illustrated hilariously in one of the SNL skits with Tina Fey (as Palin) and Amy Poehler (as Clinton).

Palin even appeared on SNL but now derides Fey’s uncanny portrayal of her. If Palin was so offended, why did she legitimize what they were doing and go on the show? Why indeed…

Stop pointing the finger at everyone but yourself for how you were “portrayed” by the media. Don’t forget that you chose this public life and in seeking the second highest office in the U.S., arguably still one of the most powerful countries on the planet, you are inviting anyone and everyone to scrutinize your life.

There were many supporters and many detractors- such is the nature of public life. Suck it up and deal or go away…

I don’t need to go over the precise details of everything Palin said, but if it came down to Palin or Fey…

Please, no contest!


~ by angryegg on January 9, 2009.

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