Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful…

It was a slog getting into work this morning. An umbrella and hip-waders should have been mandatory today.


A good-natured fellow commented that it was “a bit wet out today” after he waited for me to calculate the distance needed to leap across a lake at a street corner with minimal splash-age. I just laughed- what else could I do? Crossing the Abominable Snowman with a wet dog gives a pretty accurate image of what I looked like when I walked into the office.


Some people were saying they were done with winter- honey, winter only officially started December 21st!


This snow system started coming in last night.


Precipitation = A Precipitous Drop in I.Q.


One guy overshot the stopping point at the lights by about 20 feet while he flicked cigarette ashes out his window. Only about three inches of accumulation was on the ground when I walked home last night- not enough to excuse his stupidity. I’m glad I was paying attention- my shoes really did not need a shine.


I understand that sometimes you need to be a little assertive to get around- in some neighbourhoods more than others- but the stuff I saw walking in this morning, from drivers AND pedestrians, was ridiculous and stupid. What- are you all angling for a Darwin Award??


People just have to suck it up and resign themselves to the fact that it will take longer to get to where you need to today. Working from home or taking a personal day might be the solution- why I didn’t think of that sooner is beyond me!


I have to be glad of one thing, Mel Lastman is no longer mayor and (hopefully) we won’t be calling in the militia to dig us out!


~ by angryegg on January 7, 2009.

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