Crying Over Something That Never Was…

I went for a quick jaunt to the coffee shop this morning with a friend and passed by a cute little dog someone had left just inside the doors while they got what they needed.

He was cute- a terrier of some kind. Very quiet. Very obedient- didn’t budge even though I was gushing over him.

Years ago, when we were already grown up and out of the house, I found out that our Father almost got us a puppy.

I almost cried.

I’ve never had a pet. I remember asking for a dog or a cat and my parents said they were too dirty and I got another brother instead. Hmmph…

I can understand that they were probably afraid they would end up taking care of the pet- that kind of thing usually happens. I would have loved a puppy- even though he wouldn’t have stayed a puppy for long.

On a local show this weekend, they showed this adorable Labrador/Retreiver puppy that someone had dropped off at the Humane Society just after Christmas. Someone thought it would be a great idea to buy a 9-week old puppy as a gift. Big mistake. And now this gorgeous puppy was homeless. Poor thing, I am sure she will get adopted.

Everytime they show a puppy or dog on t.v., I squeal…It is a good thing my boyfriend is deaf in one ear. I can’t help it- the squeal just comes out. Neurons are stimulated and the response is shrieking followed by “Ahhhhh” (tone goes up into a question mark).

We also stumbled upon a re-airing of last year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The dogs are great but sometimes the handlers are even funnier. I would love to go just once to soak up that atmosphere- and to see if it is anything like the movie “Best in Show.”

My boyfriend has a cat- and I thank god she is not a Siamese- I’d be dead by now. She is a very pretty ginger cat who doesn’t know she is a cat. The sad thing is that I have way more pictures of her than him- I just find her infinitely funny. We have learned to co-exist and I think it is a triumph that she has never sh!t in my shoes.

One of these days, I will get a dog. I don’t know what kind but we’ll probably pick one up at the pound when our theoretical children are old enough to know that a dog is not a toy…

One of these days…(Sigh.)


~ by angryegg on January 6, 2009.

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