Shopping Fatigue

I have been itching to go shopping…I don’t know why.


Am I depressed?


Am I bored?


Maybe I’m thirsty and I just don’t know it.


I don’t really need anything.


I don’t really want anything.


I just want to shop.


Every Christmas (Chinese New Year, Birthday) our parents give us money. We didn’t ask them to do this but ever since the ceramic horse incident of ’79 (just kidding, I don’t remember the year) they have learned their lesson, i.e. “equal” does not have to mean the “same.”


Besides, it saves them time (shopping, wrapping etc.) and it is portable (if you saw the way they load us down with what would be care package items if they visited us, you would understand). It is not quite the same as ripping into a beautifully wrapped gift- not that I ever did that anyway (I was am one of those paper savers). The surprise isn’t there but the thought and our appreciation is.


My parents hate wasting money (to the extreme) so I am sure they wouldn’t want us to blow it on something silly and frivolous but at least we would be getting something we wanted. I have revealed to friends in the past that I would often save the money and they were aghast. I didn’t think it was that bad until I was admonished by my friends for being stupidly practical. (Head hanging in shame.)


In the week since I got back from Christmas holidays, I have spent less than $12 on Boxing Day-ish items (two steeply discounted books at Winners, lip gloss and measuring tapes at Dollarama, a (loser) lottery ticket and seasonal gift wrap at Carlton).


Pretty dismal.


By the time I had a chance to go shopping, there was nothing really worth picking up. I even tried to shop for other people but the cupboard at Banana Republic Men was bare!


THAT was sad.


It’s not that there aren’t a lot of people in the stores, they just seemed more zombie-fied than usual. I was at a Winners store on Sunday- I felt like I was in a movie where everything ran at quarter speed. People were just going through the motions of shopping. I had to get out before I became one of the slow shuffling masses.


At least I tried…A little bit.


My parents would be proud if their gift went towards the purchase of a new refrigerator that would serve me well for years to come (in an imminently practical way) or if it was used to top up the TFSA account that I will open this week. Knowing their gift would keep on giving, long after other more frivolous things have become obsolete, lost, broken or god forbid, tossed, would make them really happy. This isn’t the kind of thing they would necessarily brag to their friends about but the kind of thing they would tell us.


I was watching the news last week and a retail “expert” mentioned that the deals will likely be better in the weeks to come since a lot of people will have returned items they probably shouldn’t have received in the first place (his words, not mine) and now retailers will have to unload them.


Maybe I will do my bit for the economy and check to see if this is true.


~ by angryegg on January 5, 2009.

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