Holiday Hangover

I only had four and a half days off but somehow it seemed longer.


We had a low-key New Years Eve (cooked a big turkey dinner for the boyfriend and my brothers- a tryptophan overload kept us very mellow), a relaxed brunch at a friends on New Years Day followed by even more mellow days of t.v., reading, surfing the New York Times online for food ideas, about 10 minutes of straightening up and lots (and lots) of eating but hardly any drinking.


Everyday felt like a Sunday (insert Smiths song) but the beauty was that three of those days were not followed immediately by Monday- until last night, that is.


It didn’t hit me until the sun set last night…I was in denial up until that point. I had made a mental note to cobble something together for lunch (turkey salad with carrots, celery, onion, parsley, mayo, Dijon, freshly ground black pepper and dried cranberries…yum) and a fleeting hope that I had not gained so much weight over the holidays that I would have to pull out my “fat” pants ( not yet, thankfully).


I even made the effort to go to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour- before 1am. I had actually planned to go to bed earlier but we got sucked into a fantastic program on Discovery that gave me a second wind- the new Anthony Bourdain travel/food show, No Reservations. It made me hungry (but I resisted) and very wistful (sigh)!


My body woke itself up about 10 minutes before the alarm. I hate it when that happens- those extra few minutes are very precious to me. I closed my eyes for a second where I dreamed that I was a fly on the wall of a store catering to Rhianna- who was trying on a fantastic purple dress by Eli Saab. I reached out and grabbed the price tag as she walked by- apparently I had taken on a corporeal form- and noted to myself that $600 was pretty good for one of his dresses. When I looked at the clock again it was 8:04am!


Yikes! I shook my boyfriend awake and lay in bed for another couple minutes before dragging my butt out of bed. I made it to work in good time but felt disoriented.


After my multiple days of Sunday, that extended long weekend now feels like a distant memory.


The kicker is I still have “fuzzy brain”- that limbo stage when higher functions have yet to kick back in from the holiday respite. That will subside soon- hopefully.


I should try to figure out a workaround (to get something done) given the “disappearance” of many certain files on the computer…that may have to wait until tomorrow when work mode shifts into high gear (crossing fingers, touching wood).


But first, I must solidify plans for beverages after work…


Hello Monday, I missed you.


~ by angryegg on January 5, 2009.

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