Crushing on Cate

I want to grow up to be just like Cate Blanchett.


The fact that we are the same age is irrelevant.


People who know me are on the floor laughing their @sses off!




I am not a refined, patrician, blonde, willowy 5’8, mother of three, world renown, über-talented Oscar winning actress, beloved and respected by almost everyone, everywhere.


Except Russia apparently- where they think she is a dog…WTF???


Is the sky falling? Has the world spun off its axis? Is the moon really made of green cheese? Was Earth colonized by aliens who will come back and only save the chosen few true believers who pay exorbitant amounts to audit courses designed to make them better people?


A friend and I agree to disagree on the Cate vs Gwyneth debate. Our respective reaction to the adulation of our chosen idol is the same, exaggerated eye roll follow by a loud exhale that sounds like “Puh.”


I read an article where Gwyneth remarks on the negative backlash she received when she won received the Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. She could not understand the ire.


Uh, maybe it has a little something to do with the fact that you did not deserve the Oscar over Cate Blanchett’s performance as Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth? The Weinstein marketing and campaign machine deserved that Oscar, not Gwyneth.


That is not that she did not turn in a fine performance- but it was a role that could have been played equally well, if not better, by half a dozen actresses I could name without thinking. Cate’s performance was stunning. Her seamless transformation from a young, innocent girl of 17 to the near mythological bearing that one associates with Queen Elizabeth I is remarkable.


I challenge anyone to come up with another actress whose performance could even be half as good.


Give up now- because there is no one.


My adolescent gushing is prompted by this month’s Vogue article on Cate. There is a certain mystic about her- her life is not an open book. She doesn’t invite the press into her everyday life- we don’t see pictures of her walking her dog (that is, if she even has a dog), we don’t see pictures of her shopping with her boys at Saks, we don’t see pictures or hear stories of her having lunch at Spago with her celebrity friends, she doesn’t parade her children about to drum up publicity for her latest project.


As elusive as she is, she seems real. She is an artist dedicated to her craft- who welcomes the kind of challenges that have many other so-called actors running screaming for the nearest exit. She doesn’t cultivate celebrity for celebrity sake- unlike the multitudes that fuel an industry that has really exploded in the last 10 years or even those with a decent reputation in the industry who complain about the intrusion of the media in their lives even as they court it.


In my opinion, she is the heir apparent to the mantle that Meryl Streep deservedly wears. Both are unconventionally beautiful. Both have this intangible luminescent, ethereal quality tempered by intelligence and wisdom that draws you in. You don’t know why, it just happens.


In interviews, each tend to keep a certain distance, are just slightly removed from the present, which only serves to intrigue- but knowing that there is a significant part that they keep only for themselves makes you love them that much more.


Cate is far from the highest paid actress but she is the kind of enigmatic artist that will continue to astonish and hold us enthralled in 30 years time.


She is who she is and does what she does for herself and that is why I adore her.


~ by angryegg on December 30, 2008.

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