Counting Sheep

It’s 1:35am and everyone has gone to bed.

There isn’t much on t.v. so I am dialed into the Star Trek Marathon on Space. I am watching First Contact- one of the better  movies in the series.  This is the one with Alice Krige as the Borg Queen- very creepy and very cool.

My system is out of whack because of our protracted journey home. We arrived at our parent’s Christmas Eve around 7:10am (or thereabouts, things are a little fuzzy), ate (McRaunch was no longer serving their lunch/supper menu and breakfast just didn’t cut it because we couldn’t find anything on the road at 5:30) and went to bed. I woke up around noon- not refreshed and still dopey.

I would be surfing the net normally but my parents don’t have a connection. They only got rid of their rotary phone last year so the internet would be a giant leap forward- their heads would probably explode. To say that the two internet cafés in town are a godsend is an understatement!

I could try reading- I got a book for Christmas but I am not really in the mood.

There are tons of magazines about but  again, not in the mood.

I am probably over-tired (and the three hour nap this afternoon might have contributed to my current state of alertness) but this is what the holidays is all about- indulging one’s whims. 

Sleeping in, eating, taking naps, eating, playing mah johng,  eating…. Never mind the fact that my Mom thinks I could stand to lose a lot of some weight-she says dieting is for when you are in your own home- not when you are visiting. Anyone who has come to my parents for anything knows that you come hungry- it is basically considered an insult not to eat everything (!) put in front of you.


But I digress, I’ll wait until the movie ends and then attempt to sleep. The plan was to get up early-ish  (we are in an alarm-free zone so when we wake up is when we wake up), do a little shopping- not that my hopes are high for anything major in small town Ontario- just hanging with the fam.

We pick up more family members and storm the internet café in the afternoon to get our fix. Laptops are your friend. I can’t remember what I ever did before I got one- how sad is that???

Everything is loose and nothing is set in stone. Lazy and sleepy- we don’t HAVE to do anything.

Total Slug Mode!

This is the near-perfect vacation- the one thing that would make it perfect would be to have the boyfriend in tow- perfect for me perhaps, not necessarily for him….

On second thought, maybe I WILL read a bit when the movie is over- or not….


~ by angryegg on December 26, 2008.

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