Drive She Said

My sister flew in from Germany via London last night early this morning. We were in the midst of the fourth storm system in the last week…

Welcome home!!!

The weather is about all the media has been talking about (okay, that and the economy, holiday shopping and the Harper Senate appointments)- Canadians really ARE obsessed with atmospheric change.

The expected time of arrival had already been moved from 10:25pm to 1:55am, but it wasn’t really a surprise that the  the plane was delayed. 

Of course there was no one who could give us any information and the terminals to call for assistance basically kept you on the line with the same recorded message until you gave up out of frustration and hung up.

Terminal 1 was a bit of a madhouse. Hundreds of people were waiting for loved ones to arrive for the holidays. Thankfully no one was especially cranky- just very tired. There were some annoying squealers who celebrated very loudly when they saw their friend- all I could think of was shut up  show a little respect for the rest of us who are still waiting.

The plane finally arrives at 2:55 but no sign of her for over an hour. We didn’t leave the airport until after 4am. 

The roads were actually busier than expected but the incompetence of the drivers we encountered was still shocking considering the very limited number of drivers. You would think that Canadians would know how to drive in inclement weather- and you would be wrong.

We saw a lot of people take unnecessary risks- the kind of risks you can get away with in good weather- not the kind of thing you should be doing with four inches of snow on the ground. There was a garbage truck that took a fast right-hand turn on a yellow light, did an extreme fishtail (about four feet to the right) before correcting itself and speeding away. He was lucky this happened after 1am and that he didn’t flip over.

This is the kind of stupid behaviour that has contributed to the hundreds of accidents in the past week.

Getting things together for the holidays is stressful enough without having to worry if idiot drivers are going to sideswipe you out of stupidity.

Well, we made it home by the time the sky started to lighten up. Our only real hiccup (other than the flight delay) was getting stuck in the unplowed street right at the corner of our street. Of course this happened right after my brother mocked people who had not thought it necessary to put on snow tires. These people DO deserve to mocked but only from the safety of one’s couch. He tempted fate one too many time and she decided to teach us a lesson.

Two very nice guys pushed our car (twice) to help us get into my parent’s driveway 10 feet away. We deserve to be laughed at for that!!!

At least our parents were happy to see us and it is all that matters.


~ by angryegg on December 24, 2008.

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  1. Ginny! Sorry to hear about Kathy’s flight delay … love the blog! Merry Christmas!

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