Don’t Drink and Dial

This is an especially hectic time of the year. Braving the crowds when shopping for gifts, baking, making plans with family, connecting with friends.

Things were running smoothly (in spite of a late afternoon rally to get a very last minute item out at work) but it all ground to a halt at Party #2. Technically, everything stalled between the first set of doors and the second set of doors to get into the building of Party #2.

Of course this happened with the backdrop of the first big snow storm of the year where the media was determined to scare people into thinking it was the end of days.

Snowmageddon… Really?

I committed to two parties, one downtown and one midtown, and had turned down three other invitations for the same night. My “social calendar” is never this full- I am not one of those over scheduled children that cannot do something on the fly because my evenings are booked four weeks in advance.

We had a choice to make at Party #1. Leave the good company, good food and good wine early to trudge through the banks of snow to make our way to Party #2. We decided to go to the second party because I gave my word and because it was right on the subway line- no streetcars or buses which were sketchy due to snowmageddon.

Well, everything was fine until we got stuck trying to get ourselves buzzed through the second set of doors. Four tries later, we gave up and decided to walk home. I was cheesed at this point and needed to walk off some steam. 

I hate wasting time. Time is something you just can’t get back. I could have spent that time with some of the people I turned down yesterday. I could have spent that time getting the place ready for a friend who is coming in today to visit.

The phone rang as we were getting food on. We were starved because we had been instructed to come to Party #2 hungry. Oops.

It was Party #2.

I had to yell into the phone because there was a lot of background noise. I explained what happened, twice, and then they thought they would be funny and told me to stop lying. HaHa, hysterical. I’d had enough shouting (and I am sure the neighbours had too), yelled my my “Okay, good-bye” and hung up.

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps the noise level was such that you could not hear us try to buzz up? (Apparently, we were the only ones who got stymied…But of course we were.)

Whatever the technical difficulty, I was hungry and annoyed again. I felt better after deciding to leave the cleaning to Saturday morning and downing a plate of toast, greasy bacon and eggs over-easy. Yum.

It was nice that you thought to call but one should NEVER drink and dial. 

One should NEVER let friends drink and dial.

Just say no.

Unless the recipients of the call are in the right frame of mind (also drunk), drinking and dialing is NEVER a good idea.

I love you but resist the temptation. Drinking skews your perception and you just aren’t as witty as you think you are- call me crusty but my crabby @ss was not in the mood.


~ by angryegg on December 20, 2008.

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