I Love Cooking Shows But…

There is no mistaking the fact that I am obsessed with food. If I am not eating food, I am talking about food, dreaming about food or watching programs about food. 

When I am at a restaurant I am either bemoaning the quality of the food (I am big on value), thinking about how it could be tweaked to make it better or I am trying to figure out what they did or what they added that makes it so interesting/extra tasty.

That is not to say I won’t eat trash as well- I am equal opportunity that way. Sometimes there is nothing like the comfort that one can find in junk to make the day a little more palatable.

I have worked in restaurants, cooked in restaurants, worked as a personal chef, will still occasionally cater parties and will likely do something else food related though I haven’t figured out the logistics yet so I figure I am a little more knowledgeable about food than your average joe on the street.

One thing that makes me absolutely crazy is when people handle “dangerous” food and not wash their hands. Rightly or wrongly, people see things on t.v. and think that this is the way they are supposed to do things. How many times have you seen someone handle raw chicken, wipe their hands on a towel (!) and then proceed to touch every single thing in sight? But then they will get their hands dirty on something else, use the “chicken” towel and touch everything that was missed the first go-around. All I can think of is someone is going to eat the contaminated food and die a horrible and painful death. I went to a cooking demonstration once at a very reputable store where the chef did the exact same thing! GROSS!!! I basically decided right there that I was never going to take any cooking classes from them.

Do you remember the commercial about contaminated washcloths- where they say that the cloths we use are so contaminated you might as well wipe everything down with a raw chicken thigh (with drumstick attached)? Okay, the visual is much more effective than the description but I think you get the idea.

Granted, the things you have to do in a commercial setting are much more stringent than in a home kitchen but washing your hands with soap and water is pretty basic. I am always asking someone to turn on the water for me and pour soap into my hands. Cross contamination is no joke.

The one time when someone actually made a point to wash their hands in one of these shows (and talk about how important it was), I think I actually cheered.

Remember, t.v. is not real life and washing your hands > food poisoning.


~ by angryegg on December 10, 2008.

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