Composting is Not a Four-Letter Word

I heard through the grapevine that someone in the office was whining, complaining had concerns about how much room was being taken up by the compost in the freezer.

Let me back up.

We go through a lot of coffee and tea in the office so I started to collect coffee grinds and tea bags in the freezer. When the bags fill up, either I will take it home to deposit in the green bin (for city pick-up) or a friend will take it to feed his composter. Not everything is composted- I haven’t gotten to the point of going through and separating the garbage but I will suggest that people throw their banana peels into the freezer if I see them heading towards the garbage bin.

The compost doesn’t smell and the baseless argument that it takes up all the space in the freezer is not true. In the interest of full disclosure, we may not always get rid of the bags as soon as we would like but there are never more than two bags on the go.

My previous experience in a biggish office environment had been limited to temp work so I could remain outside of office politics. As great as the majority of the people I work with can be, I am often astonished by some of the petty squabbles. What, you don’t have enough legitimate issues that you have to create some? Life isn’t exciting enough??? I try to stay out of the fray because it is usually over very silly and meaningless things.

I guess it was my turn to be the target.

This is the same person who thinks it is a little odd that I take green bin and compost from my boyfriend’s to my house because they haven’t set up a program to deal with organic waste in condos.  I am not going to confront this individual- not that I am not cheesed by this behaviour. I am disappointed though not surprised but I am not going to stop diverting organic waste from the garbage. This may sound silly to some people but the effort that it takes to put a tea bag into the compost is negligible- if everyone took a second to consider if something could be composted, put in the green bin or legitimately belonged in the garbage…

Seriously, is it REALLY that difficult?

I can’t help feeling frustrated but I can’t and won’t give up. The little things add up to big things and these pieces are all part of a much bigger and more complicate picture. The coffee grinds that get composted may not save the planet but they will do some good and maybe our action will encourage someone else to do the same.


~ by angryegg on December 8, 2008.

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