What Was I Thinking?

I ran (and I use that term loosely) the 5K Santa Shuffle yesterday. I originally thought it would be this morning (oops) but I found out in time to make it to the event.  As luck would have it, I had a massage booked for Saturday afternoon so all was right with the world.

Despite my best intentions I did not train beforehand. This is my  third (and last) run this year and I have a bad feeling that I’ll be suckered into another run in April-  yay!

Let me be clear, I hate running. I haven’t run for the sake of running since grade 9 gym class- and I only did it because we had to. I’ll run to catch the bus, I’ll run for a tennis ball but running just to run? Running is for suckers!

Guess who is the sucker now? 

Never mind the fact I bitched and whined the entire way to the run and continued to psych myself out as the run began- it actually did not feel totally heinous.  It was only slightly embarrassing that children running in boots, mothers with baby carriages and runners twice my age passed me like I was standing still but I started to think that maybe I could do this for real…

Am I going insane?

What started out as something I did out of peer pressure as a show of company spirit, may turn into something that is actually good for me. I have always played my way into shape for tennis but maybe, just maybe this year I will start the season in fighting form. I really need to get myself within the healthy BMI range- technically speaking I would be considered obese. Ouch!

I always told myself that walking burned just as many calories as running…WRONG! Okay, mostly wrong. A little research disproved my previous assumptions- the exception being speed walking at greater than 6K/hr (or something to that effect). 

I’ve tried joining gyms in the past and turned into one of the those people who go twice and never go again. Taking dance lessons or getting into another sport might be another way to go but being good with my money right now is a priority so I’ll wait…There is a free gym in my boyfriend’s building with pretty good facilities- the place is usually empty  late at night which is perfect because I’m a night owl anyway.


The RMT said that there wasn’t anything that needed to be worked out but getting up this morning was PAINFUL! My quads are killing me and the muscles above my hip bones are sore!! I think scheduling a yoga class before the massage might just be the way to go.


I smell a new year’s resolution coming on…I may even get started before but I am not holding my breath.


~ by angryegg on December 7, 2008.

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