To Prorogue or Not To Prorogue…

That is the question…


How absolutely shocking!!! (Insert Home Alone aftershave scene).


Harper, at this moment, is asking Governor General Michaelle Jean to prorogue government.


What is ‘prorogue’ one may ask.


In the simplest terms, he is asking for a do-over.


Yes, the schoolyard bully, when cornered by all his abusees is asking for a do-over. Wipe the last six weeks of  Parliament off the slate and start anew. Ditch the thrown speech, ditch everything. Baby…bathwater…gone.


Some may remember the infamous shower scene in Dallas. Pam sees her supposedly dead husband Bobby soaping up and realizes that it was all a dream- the dreadful t.v. season last horrific year was all a dream.




That is exactly what Harper is going to ask for. Will he get it?


The Governor General has (apparently) never refused such a request- though it has never been done to a Parliament that has sat for such a short time and oh yeah, hasn’t done anything that has passed no legislation.


Many people in Canada who lamented the boring nature of Canadian politics (especially compared with the protracted proceedings to the south) should be thrilled. Exciting non?


Be careful what you wish for!


~ by angryegg on December 4, 2008.

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