What Do You People Not Get?

The TV is my alarm clock. I was lying in bed, half-listening to Breakfast Television when I heard that their informal poll was “overwhelmingly against a coalition government”…

WTF? Get your head out of your respective butts! A little independent thought won’t kill you!

Apparently some analysts are saying that what is happening in Ottawa makes Canada look like a banana republic…I wonder if this headline box on CP24 came from The Post? 

Granted- the timing of this is not the best. There are more important things that need to be dealt with, but, who’s fault is this?

Let me think about this for a second…Harper???? 

Harper was NOT elected The Grand PooBah, Supreme Being, King of Canada.

Canadians did not elect a majority government. Harper and the Conservatives failed to govern as a minority government. The bullied are fighting back.

The Heritage Minister just blamed the stock market drop (the TSX dropped almost 10% yesterday) on the move to form a Coalition Government. Yes, this was the reason why all the major stock indices around the world had precipitous falls. If I wasn’t sure before, I am sure now…

You are a bloody idiot!!!!

The vilifying of the Opposition parties will continue. The half-truths and outright lies to demonize the Opposition is just beginning. In truth, both sides will be attempting to use PR to their advantage but the Conservatives are aggressively courting public opinion and it seems to be working. 

Don’t forget that this is happening because Harper’s arrogance and inflated ego caused him to misread the mood in parliament. I’ll bet he wishes he could turn back the clock and acted on the speech he made shortly after the October 14th election where he promised a kinder, gentler, more conciliatory government.

Hindsight is a B!tch!

The Governor General is cutting her state trip to Eastern Europe short and returning to Canada to deal with this constitutional crisis.

What’s going to happen now? No one knows. As messy and in many ways unprecedented as this may be, this is what a democracy looks like. We’ve all heard this saying before…”We get the government we deserve.”



~ by angryegg on December 2, 2008.

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