Oh My, Oh My, Oh My

It looks like the spider may finally be entangled in the web of his own making.

Finally, someone explicitly stated the same on the news, that is, the current political shenanigans are very much of Harper’s own making. It is no secret that he is a control freak very hands on- nothing goes to press, nothing is made public without his expressed approval. We’ve all seen what happens on those rare occasions when someone in his caucus shoots their mouth off- can we really blame him?

Hmm…I still say “Yes.”

No one really knows what is going on in the “backroom dealings”- or rather anyone who knows is not currently saying. There is a lot of supposition and allusion to what may be happening but no one is willing to jeopardize the negotiations by revealing something that could potentially stall the proceedings.

Conservatives are crying foul even as they scramble to backtrack on some of the proposals that sparked the outrage of the Opposition parties. They cry foul even though there was a move by the Conservatives, NDP and the Bloc in 2004- that went as far as sending a letter to the Governor General- that essentially evoked the spirit of a coalition government to unseat Prime Minister Martin. Though the word “coalition” itself was not used explicitly, I don’t think there is any confusion as to the meaning- except, perhaps to the Conservatives.

Pot meet Kettle.

Let me repeat again (and again), a minority government can only be effective with cooperation and compromise. This has not been the case with the Harper Conservatives in “power”- though he has been allowed to get away with his bullying tactics for the past two plus years.

37% of the popular vote does not give you the license to do whatever you want. The mandate you so love to talk about is not one of absolute power and you may soon learn that lesson. One can only hope. 

The parties were unwilling to play ball when Martin was in power- I wonder if they are regretting it now in light of everything that has happened? The devil you know perhaps (no offense to Mr. Martin, whom I think got a bum rap).

Will the parties learn to play together now?

Will they check their respective egos at the door to do what is right for Canada?

Will the constant evoking of Obama (and the shine that comes with evoking all things Obama) in the promise of emulating his desire for bipartisanship come to fruition?

Only time will tell.


~ by angryegg on December 1, 2008.

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