Ridiculous AND Hysterical!

I am a casual follower of celebrity/pop culture (though my boyfriend doesn’t think it’s all that casual). I couldn’t help but pee myself over a story (and I use that term loosely) I read this morning about little Mary-Kate Olsen. 

You know, one half of the diminutive and slightly troll-like duo that is the Olsen twins, self-made multi-bigillionaires, beloved by tweens everywhere.

There are rumours that she is pregnant. Why? Apparently her weight has shot up to, wait for it- 102 pounds!!!

I laughed my @ss off. This source for this item was the National Enquire- so it MUST be true.


The last time I was 102 pounds, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” had just become the anthem for grunge, Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister and the first Bush was in power.


Actually, it doesn’t matter if the rumours are true. The fact that her weight registers more than two digits (to the left of the decimal point, thank you very much)- likely for the first time ever (!)- so the logical assumption is that she MUST be pregnant- THAT is the fantastic part! No, it couldn’t possibly the fact that maybe she is finally getting healthy?? Perish the thought!

The cult of celebrity is fascinating, the forces that drive it and the people (pedestrian and celebrity alike) who feed on it. 

Absolutely fascinating!


~ by angryegg on November 30, 2008.

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