Fashion Junkie

Rogers Cable is previewing Fashion Television.

Danger Will Robinson! You’d never tell by the way I dress (not that I could afford to) but I love fashion! Frivolous, fun, fabulous!

If I subscribed to this channel I would probably watch it 24-7, get myself fired and my butt would be wider than a house.

Currently they are showing a documentary about Marc Jacobs.


It is fascinating to peek into the window behind his creative process. His influences, the collaboration with his staff to pull together a collection, what he does to recharge…I am actually giddy!

Fashion, art, music, encounters- that is, everything is absorbed, synthesized and filtered through that crazy brain of his and somehow all the disparate pieces come together and spews out onto the runway for a cohesive show. I wish they would provide some insight as to how the designs are translated from the runway to actual production.

It’s hysterical to see celebrities fawn all over him at the end of a show and adorable to hear him describe how Madonna was nice but that he was literally speechless when he met a California artist he admired. Anna Wintour makes a brief appearance and you even see her smile!! (And no, her face did not shatter into a million pieces.) Wow.

At one point they show a hallway of shoes, hundreds of pairs in a myriad of colours…many a girl would swoon! Shoe heaven indeed!

As tense and crazy as it can be, there is a lot of play involved in their creative process.


The concept of play is grossly underrated. Look at your average over scheduled child these days- never mind adults. Lip service is paid to valuing creativity but kids don’t just “play” anymore.  

I need to make time to play and try not to let so-called obligations take precedence. (The operative word being “try.”)

When I feel like the life has been sucked out of me (and that feeling happens way too often these days) I should ask myself, what would Marc Jacobs do?


~ by angryegg on November 30, 2008.

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