Notebooks and Markers and Pens, “Oh my!”

I have a confession…I have a thing for office supplies.


I am completely obsessed. A good stationery store is like mecca for me. The thought of getting a job at one of these stores has crossed my mind but I would just end up signing over my paycheck- and then some! I have come close to applying a few times but I know my bills would not get paid and I would have to beg for food.


We were in Hong Kong many years ago and we discovered this fantastic store Muji. I bought these very cool push pins…I’ve never used them- I just look at them occasionally.


I stumbled into a dollar store in a very seedy part of town looking for stuff for my Dad and found a fantastic array of office supplies- far superior to the selection in most other dollar stores! I was shocked. Awesome notebooks, coloured staples, decent looking pens, inexpensive colour paper clips. I have to go back before they raise their prices!


A couple years ago I received a set of artist pencils in a metal case- they are so beautiful and pristine, I haven’t had the heart to break into them and USE them.


This all sounds very silly…but I can’t help myself. I like to think the acquisition of such sundries is harmless- though friends have threatened joked that they will call one of the shows that come to your house and throw everything out organize everything. It will never happen…If my stuff got pitched, I would be devastated.


One of our assignments in writing class was to purchase a notebook to carry around with us because you never know when inspiration will strike. Speaking from experience, she cautioned us not to buy one of those pretty hard-bound notebooks with gold edged paper- we would never use it if it was too precious.


Smart lady.  

I write constantly in my “throw away” coil-bound notebook with tearaway pages but I have yet to touch the moleskin that was given to me at the same time as the art pencils. I just don’t feel that what I have to write or sketch is good enough for the moleskin yet. Afterall, Hemingway AND Picasso used moleskins.


Only someone who shares this love can understand how gratifying it can be to write with a really good weighty pen on substantial paper.


My goal before years end is to organize all my stuff- at this point I don’t even I know what I have- and I am going break into my stash and start using my stationery- gradually.


That way I can justify buying more!!!


~ by angryegg on November 26, 2008.

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