It’s a Recession Stupid!

I have never been shy about sharing my feelings about the Conservative Party and my utter disbelief how visible minorities or women could possibly vote for this party, let alone run for the party, but I digress.

Recently, Harper cautioned that we may be on the precipice of an economic crisis not seen since the Great Depression of 1929…And yet, his government is waiting until the new year to reveal measures to deal with the looming crisis with the release of the budget in the spring.

I may be left leaning when it comes to social issues but I am fiscally conservative.

Don’t get me started on the economic policy of the Harper government over the past two years- the parcelling of bribes tax deductions to special interest groups to buy influence votes. Would we be anticipating running such huge deficits (ranging from 14 to 30 billion+) in order to lessen the effects of the recession if they had acted as the stewards of our hard earned tax dollars as they claimed they would be?.

This is the same government that went back on a law they pushed through not to call snap elections, claimed during the run-up to the October election that Canada was on good financial footing (that we would not be affected by the implosions south of the border) and that running a deficit was an anathema to the Conservative party.

Fail. Fail. Fail.

I am not saying running a deficit is necessarily a bad thing but for that equation to work, a surplus is supposed to be built up in good financial times- a contingency fund, if you will. 

Oh, yes, the same surplus that was frittered away with seemingly disparate hand-outs to groups that live in that middle ground of “what is best for me”. 

I feel REALLY great about who we have given access to the cookie jar!

At least they were NOT given a mandate (no matter how often select Conservative MPs, given the green light by Harper to talk to the press, try to tell us differently) by the 58% of eligible voters who cast a ballot in the last election. 

I’m an optimistic cynic- I have to be thankful for any crumbs (no matter how small) that fall on the side of right!


~ by angryegg on November 26, 2008.

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