I Hate Harper

I can’t stand Harper and the Conservative Party. I am going to have “I Hate Harper” buttons made and hand them out to everyone I know, everyone I see on the street.

After the last election- which changed absolutely nothing (thanks for wasting taxpayer money to maintain the status quo when the money could have been used to mitigate the extent of the damage to the country from a deep and potentially protracted recession, read depression)- Harper claimed that we will see a more conciliatory Conservative Party since the looming financial crisis will require all MPs to work together to get things done.

I choked on my own spit laughed when I heard this.

What do you take us for? Idiots?

Did you really think you were pulling the wool over our eyes with the jumpers you wore in those photo ops with small children, puppy dogs and butterflies flitting in the background? The only people you convinced were the people who wanted to be convinced- god help us all. And let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who chose not to vote because “Dancing with the Stars” was on before the election coverage.

I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and it did today. His henchman Flaherty drop the axe today with the Conservative proposal to do away with the $1.95-per-vote subsidy, claiming that since the Conservatives received the most votes, they would be the most hurt by this proposal.

The fact that the Conservative Party is the best privately funded party and doesn’t need the subsidy in the first place doesn’t play into the decision. Nor does the fact that the Liberal Party is practically bankrupt figure into this measure. But it is not just the Liberals who would be hurt by this measure. This subsidy represents 65% of the Green Party’s revenue, 85% of the Bloc’s. More details can be found here: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2008/11/26/update-subsidy.html

Many of my friends voted not because they thought the person they wanted to represent them would win but to get that $1.95 to the party.

To rub salt into the wound, this will be put forth as a confidence motion. That is EXACTLY what this country needs- another election- just five weeks after the last one. 

The schoolyard bully rears his ugly head once again. His way or no way.

Yes, a kinder, gentler Conservative Party indeed.


~ by angryegg on November 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “I Hate Harper”

  1. Ten things you don’t know about Steve Harper, the leader of Canada’s “Corporate Party”

    1. Harper’s an Evangelist (i.e. a Holy Roller, but he doesn’t believe in it, it’s just for show, it’s actually just a front for “corporate interests”)
    1. Harper’s church rejected divorcee Laureen, so after living common-law together, they married in a civil ceremony on December 11, 1993. So much for his religious shtick.
    2. He’s getting divorced (check out his website, all pics of Harper and Laureen together have been removed; note I don’t care they broke up, I care how he lies about it for years and uses fake happy family to campaign for him
    2. His “personal assistant” Ray♥Novak used to live in Harper’s backyard above the garage… FOR YEARS… what wife would put up with THAT?
    3. Member of the fundamentalist Christian Alliance Church (they don’t like gay people)
    4. Member of the Northern Foundation (I think they don’t like black people)
    5. Member of the Calgary School of Political Science (they don’t like science)
    6. Leader of the Reforma/Alliance Party (they don’t like women)
    7. Former Head of the National Citizens Coalition (they want to kill our national health care)
    8. Supporter of The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (AstroTurfers who want to kill Canada’s social safety net while running a pyramid scheme cheating taxpayers out of revenue from wealthy corporate donors)
    8. He’s not a real Red Tory Conservative; he’s a Reforma Alliance CRAP Party thing
    9. His grandfather (Harper’s family is from Moncton, New Brunswick) either offed himself after becoming mentally ill or ran off with a woman, the truth is never talked about for some reason
    10. The asthmatic Harper wears a $3,000 weave (he’s obsessed with his own image and has a special salt & pepper one for elections, brown other times)
    11. Steve hates to travel and didn’t get a passport until he could travel at the public’s expense
    12. Steve hates being a politician, is uncomfortable in groups, really dislikes glad-handing
    10. Steve stole three Canadian elections in a row. True story; Google it.
    13. Steve Harper was president of his high school’s Young Liberals Club at Richview in Toronto; he also appeared on Reach for the Top t.v. program. Harper is not dumb, he just works for the interests of rich corporations / big business instead of for you
    14. Spends every second of every waking moment plotting his scorched earth policy against Canada’s Natural Governing Party, The Liberals

    Shouldn’t Steve Harper be working on other things? Like help for struggling families.

    – Canadians Rallying to Unseat Steve Harper
    Multi-Partisan Discussion Group of 8,600+ People


  2. I want a BUTTON

  3. Harper scares me and what he is doing to Canada scares me. Though I am wary of extremes, I wish people would remove their heads from the sand and scratch the surface a little.

  4. I am admittedly biased and will have to look into the above. At the end of the day, all politicians are still…politicians. For my own peace of mind, especially when it feels like my voice is lost in the din, bit by bit, I am trying to make my small piece of the world a little better. The real goal is to try to extend that reach a little further, and then, a little further still. At the end of the day we have to be hopeful that people will open their eyes, open their ears. Stop taking what any politician says at face value and make them accountable.

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