The Land of Cheese

I love the way this sounds- like a fairytale. This is how the Asturias, a small section of Northern Spain is described in the article “Nibbling Through Spain’s Cheese Country”.

When I am feeling lazy, there is nothing like some cheese, crusty bread, olives and wine for a quick supper, snack, lunch…

I remember seeing a story on the tube about a couple who used to own a gourmet food store, sold it, bought property on Salt Spring Island and ended up making their own goat cheese that is now sold in shops around the world.

If I remember correctly, in an old episode of Martha Stewart Living did a piece about a woman who used her chemistry background to her advantage in the making of soft, unripened cheese.

I am fascinated by such artisans. How cool would it be to chuck it all and start making cheese?

As supportive as my boyfriend my be, I doubt he would go for it. Oh well, next dream.


~ by angryegg on November 23, 2008.

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