My lovely friend, the Gwynnie acolyte, forwarded me the latest GOOP newsletter.

She knows I’m a sucker for food and I always find GP’s musings hysterical!

This newsletter shares recipes for her favourite holiday, Thanksgiving. Serving suggestions and menus are presented for a crowd, a small crowd and for two. The amount of food suggested for a crowd of 12 was less than what I made for Canadian Thanksgiving (for four) about six weeks ago. The serving suggestions for six is closer to dinner for two in my world and the Turkey Burger Menu for two is lunch. 


What is Thanksgiving without a food coma? And tons of leftovers?

We may be more gluttonous than most but it was drilled into me as a child that it was better to have way too much food on the table than not enough. Having just enough was almost as bad- the argument being that your guests were too polite to ask for more and therefore left the table unsatisfied. There was nothing worse than running out of food (except maybe dropping one’s chopsticks)- it was practically sacrilegious- likely representing many years of bad luck.

I love that I come from a culture that is obsessed with food (Chinese, if the chopstick reference hadn’t already given it away) and to know me is to know that I love food. I love looking at food sites, cookbooks, cooking magazines, cooking shows, lingering at a farmer’s market and I tend to bond with people who like to plan our next meal as we eat our current one.

Excuse my Gwynnie induced sap but my foodie friends are dear to me and our shared obsession is something I am truly thankful for.


~ by angryegg on November 23, 2008.

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