The Rollercoaster Ride Continues

This summer a good friend and I decided to head to New York for the weekend. We had heard that Coney Island would be torn down and we wanted to experience it before it was gone.


Of course it was the hottest weekend of the summer up to that point (it was 30 degrees with monster humidity when we stepped off the plane at 10:30 in the EVENING)!!! We braved the weather, took a lot of photos like the obliging tourists that we were and decided to take a ride on the Cyclone. We should have paid more heed to the extensive list of warnings that we laughed at.


The kid sitting in front knowingly said that this was going to be a doozie…He did not lie. I heard nothing but our unfiltered screams of “We are going to die!” Of course this is much funnier when told in person with the appropriate sound effects (insert colourful language) and miming of action.


Well, we didn’t die. We both had massive headaches afterwards, though, and now it is just one amusing story among many from our weekend in New York City.


The Cyclone is the stock market.


The market took another nose dive yesterday (the TSX dropped almost 10%) and though it is up about 1.0%, by the time I post, this will be old news. I don’t know when this craziness will end but I don’t think it will be anytime soon.


My barometer is not exactly an accurate one but consider the following:


  • There is still some positive commentary in the media (though these numbers are dwindling fast),
  • The fate of the “Big Three” is still up in the air (as is the affect on their Canadian counterparts- Tony Clement has been sidling up to the decision-makers in Washington…is this the guy we trust to make anything happen???),
  • We don’t know what the Conservative party has up their sleeves (considering their squandering of the surplus and the prediction of a deficit in the coming year, anything could happen…please, please, please let there be a coalition government in my Christmas stocking!)


The important thing to remember is that, like our Cyclone ride from hell, the craziness that is today’s market will end.


There will be a lot more pain to follow and some messes to clean up but it will pass and hopefully, we will learn from this and be better prepared when it happens again.


Because, it WILL happen again. Guaranteed.


~ by angryegg on November 21, 2008.

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