Score Two for Art!

The AGO threw open its doors this past weekend for free to mark the official opening of the new Frank Gehry addition. We thought we would be clever by going early-ish on Sunday- to beat the brunch crowd.

As you can see, half of Toronto also had the same idea.


AGO denied!

AGO denied!

Shouldn’t these people have been lining up for the Santa Claus Parade? The line-up turned down McCaul, past the controversial addition to OCAD, almost to Queen.


As far as the eye can see...

As much as I wanted to check out the new space, I was not in the mood to wait in line for a couple hours. I’ll pay to see it in peace another day. The crowd waiting outside was starting to make me itch- I can’t imagine it would have been any better trying to take in the exhibits and the new space as the hoards pushed you aside.

The reviews of the space have been nothing but complimentary in its effort to strip away artifice and subvert itself to the the task at hand- to showcase art.  

I’ll see for myself soon enough.


~ by angryegg on November 18, 2008.

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