All Hail Ugly Vegetables

The European Union will allow misshapen fruit and vegetables to be sold starting next summer.  


Apparently this ban was put in place more than 20 years ago but the global economic crisis and the rising cost of food has driven the powers that be to allow consumers in the EU to choose among a wider range of products. Given the rioting over the escalating prices of basic food items over the past year, this was probably a good move.

This reminded me of a news story years ago about how oddly shaped vegetables were left to rot in the field because no one wanted them. The mountain of vegetables they showed was shocking- and this was just one crop from one farmer. They wouldn’t disclose the location of this farm (too bad, I was thinking a road trip was in order). I did not understand what the big deal was. Who would know that a carrot came out of the ground looking like a voodoo doll once it had been prepped for a stew?

Besides, if the “ugly” vegetables are cheaper, let me back up the truck!

I was called a “war baby” once.

My meals are planned around sales, I recycle, I will put on a sweater before I turn up the thermostat, I mend my clothes and to say that my basement is stocked like a bomb shelter is pretty accurate. Learning how to bake bread, preserving food and perfecting Indian curry from scratch are next on my list. That kind of frugality was commonplace during the two Wars to end all Wars and was seen as patriotic. What I have been doing out of habit is now not just seen as eccentric but necessary.

Calling me a “war baby” was meant as an insult but this was probably the nicest thing she ever said.


~ by angryegg on November 17, 2008.

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